Where are Miltons made?

TMSC footwear is designed in Canada where every element is carefully researched to create a product that reflects a high standard of quality. We work with renowned European tanneries, using only the highest quality full-grain leathers and components to craft shoes that will showcase our passion for fine footwear. Nestled in the lush countryside of Portugal, our third generation artisans hand-stitch and polish every shoe. Our craftsmen are proud of their reputation as one of the leading workshops in Portugal specializing in the Goodyear welted method.


What is Goodyear Welting?

 The gold standard in the industry, Goodyear welting is an intricate process resulting in a long-lasting, weather-resistant, low-maintenance shoe with an impeccable fit. Shoes made using this time-honoured technique are so durable that they can be re-soled,—extending the life of the shoe—and the consumer’s initial investment—through years, and even decades!


Goodyear welting consists of five main steps:

1. The prepping of the insole: Artisans add a strip of canvas known as a “rib” along the edge of the insole. This becomes the attach-point for the construction of the shoe.


2. Shaping the leather upper: The leather upper is stretched over the last and then attached to the rib. 


3. Attaching the welt: A leather strip (known as the welt) is sewn to the leather upper and the rib. 


4. The filling: The void between the outsole and insole is filled with cork to add breathability and comfort to the shoe.


5. The finale: The shoemaker skillfully and firmly attaches the sole to the welt using a lock stitch — this never goes directly through the inside of the shoe, which  makes it waterproof and allows the shoe to be re-soled in the future.


Do you Ship Internationally? 

At The Milton Shoe Company, shipping is free with all orders in Canada and the U.S.A. For all international shipping inquiries, please contact our Customer Services Team


How were the entrepreneurs selected and how can I become (or suggest) one?  Each TMSC shoe is named after an entrepreneur, business leader, or trailblazer whose story motivated co-founders, Milton Fonseca and Brigitte Foisy. At TMSC we believe in learning from those who have walked the walk. We get inspired by movers and shakers who embody true entrepreneurial spirit and focus on greatness in order to conquer the corporate battlefield.

To submit someone who inspires you, please email us at info@milton.shoes, DM on Facebook or tag us using #TheMiltonShoeCompany or #FocusOnGreatness on social media.


What is your exchange & return policy? 

We are happy to offer an exchange or refund on unsuitable items that are returned under our free returns service in accordance with our Returns Policy below:

Condition of returns: 

All shoes should be tried on a carpeted surface before wear and should be returned new and unmarked in their original packaging within 14 calendar days from the day after you received your order. All items provided as part of the original packaging should also be returned. Shoes that are returned without their original packaging, or marked, damaged, soiled or worn may not be accepted, in which case they will be sent back to you. Please note that we will not accept liability for goods that are not returned through our return service.

Faulty goods

Every pair of Miltons are inspected by our Customer Services Team prior to being dispatched. However, if an item you purchase is damaged or faulty, we want to hear from you! Please immediately contact our Customer Services Team to have your Miltons replaced or refunded within 30 days of purchase.

Please note that items that are damaged as a result of wear and tear or footwear that has been worn in snow or water are not refundable.

How can I return or exchange an item?

All of our shoes are made on an exclusive tailored last, making comfort non-negotiable. Because of this, we advise all customers to follow our sizing guide to ensure proper fit.  If you ordered the wrong size by mistake, we will be happy to offer you an exchange within 14 calendar days from the day you received your purchase (subject to stock availability). Be sure to try your Miltons on a carpet or clean surface as damaged or worn shoes cannot be exchanged or returned. Please consult our Return Policy above for more details.  

Making a return or receiving a refund is painless at The Milton Shoe Company. We are happy to offer a free return service and refund on unsuitable items in accordance with our Return Policy.  Simply follow the following procedures to get your return processed as quickly as possible.

1.    Take a photo of the sole of your Miltons to show that the shoes are not damaged and have not been worn. 

2.    Email the photo to our customer care team at customerservice@milton.shoes and put RETURN in the subject line. In a few words, please tell us when you have purchased the item, the size and the reason for the return. 

3.    Within one (1) business day, our team will provide you a prepaid return label via email.  

4.    Pack the item(s) you wish to return in their original condition, with the original packaging

5.    Attach the pre-paid postage label that will be emailed to you and drop the box at the post office. 

6.    Our customer care team will send you a confirmation by email once we have safely received your parcel and a refund has been processed.

·   Note that refunds may only be requested by the person who originally placed the order and will be processed via the original payment method.

·  Card refunds can take up to 10 working days to be processed by your bank. This varies greatly between card issuers and unfortunately we are unable to influence this. 


How do I order TMSC footwear for wholesale? 

We would love to hear from you! Please email us information about your store, location as well as your contact information to wholesale@milton.shoes. Someone from the team will contact you promptly. 


How do I take care of my shoes?  

You can judge a man by his shoes; they reveal whether or not you take pride in the little things. Shoes are an investment. With proper maintenance, a good pair of shoes can last for years.  Cheap shoes are a false bargain because they are made with low-grade leather. So, although you may only spend $150 to $200 for a pair of shoes, they won’t last you very long. Spending a little extra—$300-$600—on a pair of high quality leather shoes that are made using the Goodyear method will give you long-lasting, beautiful shoes. On top of that, you will be able to replace the soles and heels of your shoes when they eventually wear through. Ultimately, this extends the life of your shoe and pays dividends on your initial investment for decades. Because Miltons are made from quality full-grain leather by the hands of skilled shoemakers, they actually get better with age (as long as the leather is conditioned, polished periodically and kept in shape with shoe trees). 


  • Store your Miltons on unvarnished cedar shoe trees with a fully shaped heel immediately after removing your shoes. Shoe trees will wick away moisture (i.e. sweat), maintain the shoe's initial shape, prevent the leather from cracking, and prevent permanent creasing where the toe bends. 
  • Always use a shoe horn when putting your Miltons on, to prevent the back of the shoe from breaking down.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to give your shoes a rest between each wear. Leather shoes should have one full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration and should not be worn on two consecutive days.
  • To cover and repair the damage of daily wear and tear and to moisturize the leather, polish your Miltons using only a high-quality paste or cream. Never use a liquid polish on leather shoes. If you desire a shiny finish, apply wax polish with a clean, soft towel. If using a cream polish, apply this to the shoe and allow it to dry before brushing off (vigorously), with a quality shoe brush. Lastly, make sure you choose the colour of your polish carefully so that it matches the tone of your leather shoes.
  • Never use any type of cleaner that contains an acid or a detergent. These can damage fine leather.
  • If your shoes become heavily soiled, you’ll want to use a mild application of Ivory soap on a damp cloth, wipe this off, and allow the shoes to dry. After doing this, apply a shoe cream or conditioner to restore the shoes original lustre.
  • If your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper and dry them away from direct heat (direct heat can dry the leather too fast, causing it to crack). Leather should always dry naturally.


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