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The Milton Shoe Company is a luxury footwear brand designed to inspire entrepreneurs, business leaders and ambitious forward-thinkers to conquer the corporate battlefield. Because entrepreneurship is in our DNA, we know our customers, and like you, we are renegades, innovators, risk-takers, and workaholics who are in it to leave our mark on the world. Driven by our slogan, "Focus On Greatness", we aim to be a source of motivation, and a daily reminder of the entrepreneurial spirit: create, never quit, exceed goals--and do it all on your own terms. Made from only the finest whole-grain leathers by the hands of skilled craftsmen in Portugal, every component of our footwear--from the green interlining to the Goodyear welted soles--reflects your visionary lifestyle and the standard of quality you set for yourself.  The Milton Shoe Company offers a carefully curated selection of updated classic styles, that allow you to boldly put your best foot forward when delivering your elevator pitch.



Because time is money, our team does the "footwork" for you by interpreting the seasonal trends down to a succinct collection of stylish shoes that are essential to every man’s wardrobe. Not your father's footwear, TMSC offers timeless classics, adapted to suit the style-conscious urban man, on & off duty. Designed in Canada and made in Portugal, this first capsule collection comprises four styles available directly to consumers before we launch in stores in the fall of 2017.

As the saying goes, "you are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both," and TMSC recognizes that you won't just put your hard-earned money anywhere. All of our shoes feature a cushioned leather insole and an exclusive tailored last, making comfort non-negotiable. In keeping with the industry gold standard, our footwear is constructed with Goodyear welting, an intricate process resulting in long-lasting, weather resistant, low-maintenance shoes with an impeccable fit. Shoes made using this time-honoured technique are so durable that they can be re-soled for years of wear, extending the life of the shoe and paying dividends on your initial investment for years and even decades to come! Each pair of Miltons is handmade and finished by our third generation shoemakers, resulting in a top-quality product that the discerning customer will appreciate.


Our signature green sole - which represents growth, harmony and balance - the arrow on the heel pointing forward, and our company mantra “Focus on Greatness” inscribed on the soles, serve as constant reminders that every step moves you closer to your goals.

Exclusively through our Kickstarter campaign launching August 8, 2017, each pair of Miltons can be personalized to feature a quote that keeps you going. Engrave anything that drives you; a quote from your favorite leader, your own motto, a logo or a reminder of a special day. It’s about customizing your Miltons so that each step empowers you to leave your footprints on the world.







Get In On The Ground Floor

 TMSC footwear sets you apart as someone who means business and you can own a pair of the status-cementing shoes ahead of their public launch next year. National wholesalers specializing in high-end footwear of similar quality (retailing for between $500 and $1200), have already expressed interest in our brand for FW17 but our première collection is being sold directly to consumers at a fraction of the projected retail price. 

The TMSC Lifestyle

At TMSC you’re not just a customer, you're part of our tribe. When you purchase a pair of Miltons on this site, you become part of an elite community of like-minded individuals who are driven by passion and vision. As a group member, you are eligible to receive exclusive offers and rewards designed to augment your entrepreneurial lifestyle, including access to limited shoe runs, exclusive offers and rewards, networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as one-of-a-kind experiences including an up-coming at-home shopping service.

Don’t have a pair of Miltons yet but want to be in the know? Sign-up to be part of our tribe today!

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By providing your personal information, you agree to our collection and use of such information as described in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent by emailing us at